So, what is

Zerokie is a new search engine that allows customers to find the products they want in the stores near them. So customers can easily find what they are looking for, and store owners get the support they need from their local community.

Inventory Management

Inventory Sync

Currently we integrate with Shopify, but other integrations are on the way and we plan on opening our API to developers too. What this means is that inventory on Zerokie is automatically synchronized, so you don't need to spend time updating your product listings!

Inventory Management

Your data belongs to you

We respect our user's privacy - business owners and customers both. We do not sell your data, and nobody will have access to it. The only exception to that is what your customers will see when they search for your products.

Inventory Management

Increase Sales

Ever been looking for a specific thing but don't know which stores in your area have it for sale? That's the same question your customers are asking themselves, and what stops them from shopping at your store - they end up buying what they are looking for online. Zerokie bridges that gap. Think Google Map for products instead of places.

Inventory Management

A happier, healthier society!

We believe that a healthier society starts with the people around. We want to give customers an easier way of supporting local businesses, and to make it easier for businesses to support their local customers. We hope that will make everyone a little bit happier.